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Interactive Activities with MimioStudio

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Using Interactive Whiteboard Technologies



MSDE/CPD: 12-03-02



We're going Green.  If you need a printed copy of a Mimio Guide, please download and print this booklet on your own.


This course will focus on Mimio Studio p.7-p. 31


Update:  Dymo MimioStudio 9.10 will be updated in the image. This is an optional install that users can select before imaging. To install MimioStudio at home, use the MimioStudio Home Installation Guide. First time use requires a connection with Mimio hardware or the activation code:





Classroom, special area, and resource teachers will acquire the ability to select and use MimioStudio interactive teaching tools to promote rigorous instruction. Learning experiences will include large-and small-group instruction, content-based brainstorming sessions, demonstration of Mimio equipment, and practice in creating interactive activities using MimioStudio software. Activities will focus on how to use MimioStudio to engage students in critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and communication in order to meet Goal 1 of the Blueprint for Progress.


Outcome: Participants will increase skills in the use and integration of technology in classroom instruction.


Participants will create a lesson activity using visual images in a Mimio Notebook to support a lesson objective. 

Participants will create a student-centered lesson activity in a Mimio Notebook to support a lesson objective.

Participants will create a multimedia lesson activity in a Mimio Notebook to support a lesson objective.


Prerequisite Skills:

Basic computer skills: The fundamentals of a PC, Telecommunications – World Wide Web, and Word Processing


Session 1 - Introduction to Interactive Activities with MimioStudio

Session 2 - Supporting Visual Learning with Images in MimioStudio

Session 3 - Creating Student-Centered Interactivities in MimioStudio

Session 4 - Delivering Multimedia Content in Instruction with MimioStudio

Session 5 - Using MimioStudio in a 21st Century Classroom to Engage and Motivate Students




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